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Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art News !

Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art announces the arrival of the new book: 'On Splendid Wings_Poetic Serenade'! - A fantastic literary of collective-work from Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art, Volume 2  

On Splendid Wings~Poetic Serenade  is here!  Arriving just in time for the upcoming Holidays!  Would make a wonderful gift!  Another great book of prose and poetry...filled with the essence of Free-Spirit, Faith, Peace, Joy...an abundance of Inspiration and Agape Love!  A great read for the heart,  mind and soul...in all seasons. The Splendid Art of Words---Igniting the Spirit---Inspiring the mind.  Awakening the Divine Love inside...Inviting appreciation and sweet splendor...truly a Poetic Serenade!

To view more information about this beautiful book of prose and poetry, please visit Blackbutterfly's Books, AuthorsDen.com There you will find other writings; stories, poems and articles by the Author; "Vannessa 'Blackbutterfly' Garrett.  Click here:> On Splendid Wings_Poetic Serenade  Thank you for your review and visit! 

The first published poetry book remains highly-favorable and well-reviewed on the Market: On Splendid Wings ~ Love and Free Spirit - a collective of Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art, Vol. 1_poems from '1983' to '2010'; a total of over 15 poems.  This book of poetry features my first published poem, 'Born Again and Free', published by the National Library of Poetry-Anthology; 'Fields of Gold' in 1996.  There are more poems in this first published edition as well, that were written over a decade ago. What a release and personal fulfillment it brings, to see it all come to fruition.

Click on Titles (links) above to view book reviews, synopsis, excerpts, and other details @ Authors Den.com for; 'On Splendid Wings ~ Love and Free Spirit ' $8.95 (Soft-Cover-Autograhped).  Also available as  E-Book at Amazon - specially priced at only $4.95!  You may also find this book at  Smashwords E-Books, for the debut bargain-price of only $2.99! (Prices are subject to change...so get your copies while these special prices last!)

To purchase these books in Premium (Casewrap) Hardcover, Full-Color printing, please visit the Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art Store at Lulu.com.  While the current prices for Hardcovers are significantly higher, it is all a matter of getting you the best top-quality book printing on the publishing market; the professional grade well-worth the price you pay.  (Lulu's Books) Buyers' reviews have ranked the books printed at Lulu among the best in print-quality; and it's a chosen favorite of delivering printed-books in the fastest times. *Note: Get a free reader's view...preview several pages of these books...@ Lulu.com!  Last, but not least...there are special discounts available on Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art Lulu-Print orders!  Click on the link above...Go see!  


On Splendid Wings_Love and Free Spirit and On Splendid Wings_Poetic Serenade is available for purchase using your Paypal Account.

Click the "Buy Now" button below to pay using PayPal or you may choose to purchase with any of the credit-card options.   

On Splendid Wings

 I wish to share more as the Spirit inspires me.  As well, I thank you for your time spent here at Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art.  The future looks bright and I'll always...Spread my wings...Living Love! 

Blackbutterfly Creations Greeting Cards will debut a whole new display this wonderful New Year!  In this category of work, there will be visual presentations and samples of All occasion greeeting cards, calendars, personalized butterfly photo-frames and more.  You may view the up-coming catalog in the next few months...just in time for the 2018 Springtime Grand-Opening!

More exciting ideas for gifts and special projects are in the works!  So, keep an eye out for a whole new display of sparkling Blackbutterfly Creations!  Until then...Best wishes to all.  Happy Planting...Harvesting...Reaping with Thanks-Giving!