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           Blackbutterfly Creations...Trail Blazing...On!                  

Blackbutterfly Creations ~ Greeting Cards  ~ for that *Special Occasion* or All Occasions* Personalized greeting cards that express YOU ... in YOUR OWN WORDS... displayed in unique type fonts and colors, on backgrounds and templates of your choice.  Blackbutterfly Greeting Cards & Lyrics - Personalized lyrics (your own words) for greeting cards, and your personal photos added for invitations, post-cards and more, is ongoing!  Send your requests, (See Order Information below).  Also View: *What's New in Blackbutterfly World* in the main menu above, for more information.


Blackbutterfly Poetry and Art 'Behind the Scenes'  2018 - Videos - Poetry readings and live interviews, interesting chats with other butterfly aficionados.- Group Discussions - "Black Butterfly Poetry and Talk" - Blogs - upcoming in 2018!


Blackbutterfly Designs Creative Workshops for designing Personalized Butterfly Logos & Printing for T-Shirts, Caps, Totebags, Scarfs and other personalized accessories and logo-clothing, now planning for the exciting year 2018!  Take a look here to see Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art's 1st 2016 Summer-Collection.  This is just the beginning....lots more to come...into view!


Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art - Books:  (Lastest Updates) 

'On Splendid Wings~Poetic Serenade' (Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art, Vol 2) Is still going strong...Serenading High!  Always right in tune with the upcoming Holiday Season!  Will be a wonderful gift!  Another great book of prose and poetry...filled with the essence of Free-Spirit, Faith, Peace, abundance of Inspiration and Agape Love!  A great read for the heart,  mind and all seasons.  The Splendid Art of Words---Igniting the Spirit---Inspiring the mind.  Awakening the Divine Love inside...Inviting appreciation and sweet splendor...truly a Poetic Serenade! 

Soft-cover Priced from $10.00 to $25.00 (+shipping)  Get your Signed Copy Today! @ Authors  Also available for purchase at most retail bookstores in the USA and abroad.  As well as online stores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu, Google and Nookbooks_GoodReads and more!

TAKE A LOOK INSIDE...  Clink the link below:

On Splendid Wings_Poetic Serenade


On Splendid Wings ~ Love and Free Spirit  (Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art, Vol. 1)  Has often times been rated as #1 (Popular) rated book at AuthorsDen books in Spirituality; 43-pages, full-color/photos, Hard-cover prices from ($ 8.95 Authors Den) $10.00 - $25.00 (+shipping) at other online stores.  Get your Signed Copy Today! @ Authors / Also available for purchase at most retail bookstores in the USA and abroad.  As well as online stores such as Amazon, Lulu, Smashbooks, Google and Nookbooks_GoodReads and more.  News! *Also available in Kindle E-Book and readable within 1 minute! @ Amazon - for only $4.95! - @ Get the download today!   

TAKE A LOOK INSIDE...  Clink the link below:

On Splendid Wings_Love and Free Spirit

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Send your email to: Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art   You will receive an email reply with an
Attachment Order-Form.  Book is Soft-Cover Print ($8.95+4.00 S/H) Total payment due is $12.95 (Including shipping/handling fees).  Please fill-in the Order Form completely and Return via Email, for direct mail order-processing.
The time it takes to process and ship an order, is dependant on the number of items ordered.  It usually takes about 1-week for printing/processing to be packaged and shipped.  Blackbutterfly Creations hours of operation are; Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Pst.

Please Note: For all Direct-Mail Orders---All orders will be processed upon receipt of your Payment In-full of the amount due ($12.95).  You may pay with a check or money-order. You will receive an email confirmation of your payment received within 1-hour of receipt of check or money-order.  Any Insufficient-returned-checks or money-orders will be promptly mailed back to you upon the date of the bank-notice.

Customer-Orders-Processing Department.  Please note your Order Number when you receive the Confirmation.  You may check the status of your order at anytime, by viewing the "Order-Status" page-link on this website.  Click on your Order-Number to view the up-to-date status of your Order-No. (This page is updated daily).  Updates are made every day at 12pm Pst.

Cancellations/Changes: If you need to make changes or cancel your order, you must do so within the 2-day period or within 48-hours after sending your order.  The date and time of your email-send/received will be used to validate your request.  You will receive a Prompt-Reply,regarding the status of your order changes and/or cancellation with Confirmation.  All orders are considered final; unless cancelled per the specified date/time prescribed in this notice. There will be no refunds/changes or cancellation of your Direct Mail-Order past the 48-hr. expiration as hereby noted.

Delivery Status: We take care to ensure our customers to receive your order within a timely-manner; Prompt-Printing/Processing and shipment of your orders are our top priority.  All orders will be mailed via the United States Postal Service and are subject to the Postal-Services' own shipping times/schedules to arrive at your address.  As stated above, you may check the status of your Direct Mail-Order/the date of shipment via this website (see above).

If you have any questions, please contact Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art via this email address above. ~ We thank you! Wishing you Reading Joy!



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Welcome to the Facebook page titled; Blackbutterfly Expressions.  I will be delighted to have you join me there, for wonderful spiritual communion and inspirational dialogue.  There is an abundance of we are all so excited about the Daily Spiritual companionship, with a delightful host of new arrivals and friends!  See you there ! ƸӜƷ