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           Introducing...Blackbutterfly Creations!                  

Blackbutterfly Creations ~ Greeting Cards ~ for that *Special Occasion* or All Occasions* Personalized greeting cards that express YOU ... in YOUR OWN WORDS... displayed in unique type fonts and colors, on backgrounds and templates of your choice. See *What's New in Blackbutterfly World* in the main menu above, for more information.

Blackbutterfly Poetry and Art 'Behind the Scenes' for 2015 - Videos - Poetry readings and live interviews, interesting chats with other butterfly aficionados.- Group Discussions - "Black Butterfly Poetry and Talk" - Blogs - upcoming!

Blackbutterfly Designs Creative Workshops for designing Personalized Butterfly Logos & Printing for T-Shirts, Caps, Totebags, Scarfs and other personalized accessories and logo-clothing, now planning for the exciting year 2015!  Take a look here to see Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art's 1st 2014 Summer-Collection.  This is just the beginning....lots more to come to view!

Blackbutterfly Greeting Cards & Lyrics - Personalized lyrics (your own words) for greeting cards, and your personal photos added for invitations, post-cards and more, is ongoing!  Send your requests, (see information above).


'On Splendid Wings~Poetic Serenade' is here!  Arriving just in time for the upcoming 2014 Holiday Season!   Will be a wonderful gift!  Another great book of prose and poetry...filled with the essence of Free-Spirit, Faith, Peace, abundance of Inspiration and Agape Love!  A great read for the heart,  mind and all seasons.  The Splendid Art of Words---Igniting the Spirit---Inspiring the mind.  Awakening the Divine Love inside...Inviting appreciation and sweet splendor...truly a Poetic Serenade!

To view more information about this beautiful book of prose and poetry, please visit Blackbutterfly's AuthorsDen pages at:  You may also leave a review of the book by joining (free-membership) as a "Reader" at Authors Den.  You will find other writings; stories, poems and articles by the Author - Vannessa "Blackbutterfly" Garrett.  Thank you for your review and visit!  


On Splendid Wings ~ Love and Free Spirit  (Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art, Vol. 1)  A #1 (Popular) rated book at AuthorsDen books in Spirituality; 43-pages, full-color/photos, Soft-cover $ 8.95  (+shipping)  Get your Signed Copy Today! @ Authors

New! *Also available in Kindle E-Book and readable within 1 minute! @ Amazon - for only $4.95! - @ Get the download today!

On Splendid Wings ~ Poetic Serenade (Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art, Vol. 2) is a great collection of prose and poetry that has received outstanding reviews as well, in its debut at AuthorsDen Inspirational books; 72-pages, full-color/photos, Soft-Cover $10.00 (+shipping) Get your Signed Copy Today! @ Authors


To Place a Direct Mail-Order:  To Blackbutterfly Creations/Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art _ SEND YOUR ORDER REQUEST TO: 

Send your email to: Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art   You will receive an email reply with an
Attachment Order-Form.  Book is Soft-Cover Print ($8.95+4.00 S/H) Total payment due is $12.95 (Including shipping/handling fees).  Please fill-in the Order Form completely and Return via Email, for direct mail order-processing.
The time it takes to process and ship an order, is dependant on the number of items ordered.  It usually takes about 1-week for printing/processing to be packaged and shipped.  Blackbutterfly Creations hours of operation are; Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Pst.

Please Note: For all Direct-Mail Orders---All orders will be processed upon receipt of your Payment In-full of the amount due ($12.95).  You may pay with a check or money-order. You will receive an email confirmation of your payment received within 1-hour of receipt of check or money-order.  Any Insufficient-returned-checks or money-orders will be promptly mailed back to you upon the date of the bank-notice.

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If you have any questions, please contact Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art via this email address above. ~ We thank you! Wishing you Reading Joy!


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Blackbutterfly Poetry and Art News!

I have a new Facebook page titled; Blackbutterfly Expressions.  If you have a Facebook account, you will need to login to Facebook; Then back to this page you simply click on the blue link above, to view my Blackbutterfly Expressions on Facebook.  I will be delighted to have you join me there, for wonderful spiritual communion and inspirational dialogue.  I am so excited about the daily Spiritual companionship, with a delightful host of new arrivals and friends!  See you there ! ƸӜƷ