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Welcome to Blackbutterfly9799 on YouTube!  (First Honorable Mention):  CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER!!  

BLACKBUTTERFLY EXPRESSIONS Receives 2015 Los Angeles Business Award ~~Los Angeles Award Program Honors the Achievement
LOS ANGELES October 30, 2015 -- Blackbutterfly Expressions has been selected for the 2015 Los Angeles Award in the Writing Services category by the Los Angeles Award Program  (Read the full Press Release here---> Blackbutterfly Expressions Receives 2015 Business Award

Watch the Video Presentation here:


An Acronym of Thanks 

THANKS - video by Blackbutterfly9799 on YouTube


BBPA Wings In Light Abstract Photography  Published on Feb 21, 2017

Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art - Wings In Light Abstracty Photography - On location @ Blackbutterfly Lounge - PCH CA


Pieridae Serenade in the Park - Spring 2017 ~ Video and Musical performed by Vannessa "Blackbutterfly" Garrett

Filmed on Location - Echo Park, LA April 17, 2017


Blackbutterfly's Photo Collage

(Blackbutterfly Lounge / Studio Collaboration - April 2017) 


Rainbow LOVE Rock  - Published on Jun 10, 2017

Capturing the moments that prisms of rainbow reflections appear at sunset onto my handscripted (personally tagged) Love Rock.

Rainbow LOVE Rock video by Blackbutterfly9799 on YouTube


Touched by Rainbow

Excerpt from the following post on Blackbutterfly Expressions page on Facebook --  All about the Rainbows...A Personal Touch and Perspective...June 14 2017

...I just want to talk about my affection for the sky's most beautiful display of 7-colors in a bow-shape...aka the Rainbow.   I've always adored and marveled seeing with my naked-eyes...the glorious appearing of a Rainbow....As I have been blessed to witness some amazingly beautiful rainbows in my life-time, I have collected quite a fascinating collection of photos. As well as even a few personal-tattoos of rainbows on I like to say...being *touched by rainbow*. I just love when this happens!

Click this links and watch:

Touched By Rainbow @ Blackbutterfly Expressions

Rainbow Eyes @ Blackbutterfly Expressions



Welcome to my first Videogram featuring my journey in health and fitness as I have entitled; My Body Story_Summer 2017.  This videogram will also be featured in Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art, Blackbutterfly Wings of Health Pinterest  and on my other Publishing/Blog websites.  So, here's to Motivation and Inspiration!  Copyright: © Blackbutterfly Creations/

My Body Story_Summer 2017 Issue ->


Published on Aug 31, 2017
August 2017...In Memoriam. Giving Thanks to God for being a Witness to such an Incredible Month In History. We experienced the Awe-Amazing Total Solar Eclipse. The Awe-Amazing and Horrific Hurricane Tropical Storm Harvey...both of these Events are Incredibly Etched In Stone...In this Lifetime of August 2017. As well...Giving Thanks To God Always, for God's Will Be Done on Earth as It is In Heaven. Remembering All. Forever Grateful ~ © Blackbutterfly Expressions Words - 2017


A Splash of Jazz (Blackbutterfly Lounge Live Water-Splash Recording)

Published on Sep 6, 2017

A Splash of Jazz! Bubbles and Ripples of Colorful...Cascading Waters...falling over the Rushing Rhythms of Jazz. Live from Blackbutterfly Lounge. Recorded September 5 2017.
Copyright ©Blackbutterfly Expressions 2017 All Rights Reserved.    ("Jazz In Paris") Audio Track


Dance on Autumn Road 

Published on Sep 26, 2017

Blackbutterfly's Dance On Autumn Road
A Blackbutterfly Poetry & Jazz Presentation
Blackbutterfly Lounge Music:
Blackbutterfly Keyboard Instrumentals - Improvisation
{A Hop, Skip and Trot} -- Dance On Autumn Road





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