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God…You are the earth that holds me …the guide of my steps therein.  The sky above my head that shelters me in all seasons.  The wind that surrounds me and the air that I breathe.            

God…You are the water that I drink …that falls from the heavens above.  The sunshine upon our faces and the moon glow at night.  The rain that showers the gardens and fills the oceans.

God…You are the birds that fly over the meadows so high…the trees that they rest.  The fire that burns, so warmth is nigh, and the lamp to darkness.  The rivers that run into waterfalls and the creeks that springs down slopes.            

God…You are the quiet inside the caves…the echoes of the wilderness.  The fresh morning dew upon the rose and all colors of Spring in flowers.  The mountains rising above the cliffs...rolling hillsides and the valleys. 

God…You are the bridges we cross over…the stairs that we climb and hands to feel.  The sleep of life and its awakening, the newness of morning, comfort of night.  The energy that moves us and the desire to love what we see and the joy to be.

God…You are the Spirit that fulfills, that lifts us through_within all places and time.  The praise we give in prayer, the gratitude of our songs and the sounds of music.  The strength to run, the leap to overcome and the encouragement to withstand.

God…You are the gladness of triumph, and the victory of all we have been promised.  The smile instead of a frown, and the peace it brings to our hearts and minds.  The power to change ourselves inside, so that we become anew and faithful.

God…You are the sea, the Universe, the many splendored wings of the butterfly.   The Love that fulfills our hearts; the Grace that lifts us beyond the clouds.  The ground that we now walk upon... our eyes are forever enlightened of You.

God…You are the Truth that we seek , the everlasting Gift we were born to receive.  You are the rebirth of Life, now re-lived in your Spirit and your Truth. The Light of the world that we find our way, to believe and to sacrifice for Love.  The creator of Life and its many splendors…our one and only reason for being.        

God…You are All ...manifest Blessings, Amazing and Everlasting Love_ God Is.

Vannessa Garrett Copyright © 2009 Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art