Blackbutterfly Expressions

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The Heart of Love that Matters 
We are here as the Living Action of Love...of God’s Unconditional Love. We are to behave to love one another, as Christ Jesus loves us. Test your will to live and to love as He Loves see if it is 'True Love'.  If the testing hurts (and sometimes it will)...yet there is nothing we can ever feel, in being "hurt" compare with the pain and sorrows Jesus endures, and saves us from, every second of our daily lives.  Because of His vicarious Love...we are Alive! Because Jesus was tested (Matthew 4:1-11); and proved His Love is Pure and True...we have been granted His Faithful Love that saves us...forever more.
If we find the love inside (our hearts) is Christ-Like Love... (or not)...then we know what is true... and what is not true, concerning our heart. We experience the undeniable truth that comes from this realization and/or heart examination.  Whether we experience assurance, uncertainty, sadness, sorrow, joy, peace or happiness, and all comes straight from the heart.
True Christian Love can only be realized in the Heart. And yes, we all fall short of knowing, and/or experiencing the Greatest Love, when we have not been renewed in our hearts and minds. When the heart is unclean, denying, broken, and lacks the born-again spiritual experience... of the Holy Spirit...we feel the void of truth and mourn the hollow and shallow emotions we’ve allowed ourselves to reside within. But there’s always Good News(Jeremiah 17:5-10)
Love is its own remedy and cureGod searches the heart...and where Love is...God Is. He dwells where Love matters... in the Heart.   We are blessed when we give 'whole-heartedly' of our hearts to Him.  When we do...we are rewarded with a "clean" Heart. A heart of Pure Love, Joy, and Forgiveness...of Understanding (Wisdom)...Peace, Kindness and Courage, Comfort and Strength...yielding Acts (our heart’s desire) of obedience, and confessions of our Faith.
A Heart of Pure Love requires Righteousness of Heart.  This 'Righteousness' can only be obtained and sustained, in obedience and Faithfulness of God's Love Lessons.  God's Love remains Pure and Unconditional... throughout the seasons of our lives...whether we ever fully desire to give of ourselves to Him.  It is His Grace that keeps us (even in our doubts, rejection, disobedience, and ignorance).  Therefore, "His mercies endure forever"...and we have been promised to receive...what we ask for...and reap what we’ve sown.  (Lamentations 3:22-23)

Being sure that what we seek to know is the truth...the whole truth...(that God reveals)...and then applying His truth (Word) to our daily living, brings about a change in our hearts, and understanding.  We are set free in accepting (acknowledging) what's true...and it frees us!  We are enlightened in mind...and our hearts are renewed, to receive His Righteousness of our desires...that brings us into the fulfillment of God's Unconditional Love.  We love anew...from the Heart.  We have desire to seek and to receive Truth.  God's Perfect Will is the Truth.  For His Love and His Truth... is Perfection...for our perfection. We are free-will beings...of God's freedom in Love.
We are created with hearts, for a reason and purpose.  Our hearts are spiritual...and all matters of the heart are spiritual...for knowing, trusting and caring; for faithfulness in believing...for dwelling in the Spirit and Truth of God's Love.  Life begins and succumbs (eternally)... in a Heart of Pure (Righteous) Love.

This is the Living Will of our Heavenly Father's LoveCome in and receive... and live your Best Life in His fullness and faithfulness, and pureness of Heart.

I pray we have Hope (desire) receive His Blessings...and be purified in our minds...but more in our Hearts where His Love is Alive.  By His Grace we have been made in His Glory!  We are His Heart of Love.
~ Life and Love in Christ Forever ~ God Bless,
Vannessa “Blackbutterfly” Garrett