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Thoughts for Keeping (to remember) ~ Thoughts for Sharing (to be a blessing) 


Greetings of the New Year 2020!  Rejoicing in the New Day!  I am excited about the days to come.  There's much love and freedom of the Spirit that leads to joy...the smiles on our faces, and the peace we feel in our hearts.  This is the harmony we all have, in the season of gathering together...sharing with one another, great joy and appreciation.

We reap the benefits of Love.  The benefits of Reaping the Fruit of the Spirit...are rewarded in fulfillment of our heart's desires...through our Acts of Faith.  The will to "keep on keeping on", builds up our strength to endure to the finish and completion.  The Joy of the Lord is our strength...in season and out of season.

Let's use all we have...the empowerment (Power!) of the Holy Spirit, to do all things...as our GOD has enabled us to do.  In JESUS' Name we pray (Believing) and we shall give all of our best service and devotion...to do what He has purposed for our lives.  

Ask GOD today and always....for His Answers are TRUE.  What He says leads us to our divine destiny...the place where our names are written.  That special place where we will find...  receive GOD's favor for us, as we abide in His Word.  For everyone who is in the Body of Christ is Rich...and blessed to be a blessing. 

I pray we seek His blessings daily, and use all the Power and Faith; the Wisdom and Love GOD has imparted to us...to make everything we do to the Good...the Better...and the Best for our lives.  ~ This is the Time to Live... for the Best of Today, Tomorrow and Forever... more like Christ desires.  He is the reason that we have Life Everlasting...Exceeding and Abundantly! ~

Let us rejoice!  Remember to acknowledge Christ always...in every blessing and in all our Testimonies!  Let us be free in the Spirit of Love.  Let us Pray and Forgive.  Celebrate your ‘Gifts' with ‘Thanks' each new day...and GIVE LOVE!  Life is a Gift to be cherished... in and through LOVE. 

~ God Bless you my family and friends, 
Have a great Blessed New Year 2020!

~ Life and Love in Christ Forever ~
Vannessa (Blackbutterfly) Garrett


Biblical References:  The Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23)

 The Joy of the Lord is my strength (Nehemiah 8:10)

Blessed to be a blessing (Genesis 12: 1-3) 

(2 Corinthians: 8-9) Have Life more Abundantly (John 10:10)


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