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Forever My Love of You

As the days have come and thoughts forever flow your way.           

Like a sweet song in my heart...the melody of a love I caressed, in spirit so richly blessed.

Soft as a whisper in my the middle of the night...and as clear as a bell, at the noon-day.

Smiles and memories, sounds of words that were never spoken...a joy that lingers no less...tucked away in my heart, like a fortress.

Dreams, imagining...desires and hopes now reserved for serenity's sake. 

 Love is the dawning of a new the waves rushing onto shore.

Love is here_ like the rain falling from the heavens above...cascading as sand through the the setting of the western sun.

Love is here_ flowing in the essence of a time and place, only we have known...the infinity of all we could ever one.

A love that's meant_ to never be forgotten...I'll always remember when love comes home. 

In our hearts is where we'll receive, with open arms...and hold our love everlasting.

Forever in each moment of time,

Always in my vision ...for the Love of You

Vannessa Garrett

November 29, 2009

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