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                                                                                                    YOU AND  I

I made you say hello

You made me say goodbye

You made me see myself in a whole new light

I made your daydreams come true.

I want to dance with you forever

You call my name in your sleep.

I take a vow that is not questioned

You have the ambition that is not weighed.

I gave my greatest when I was weak

Your hands played my favorite game.

I rushed to see the stars at night,

You settled in the warmth of July.

I carried a load of surprises to share

You brought your desires to bare .

I still remain in the midst of joy

You have another song to sing.

I awake with thoughts of dedication

You have a heart of good intentions.

I succumb to the glee and passionate spirits

You seek fortune and devise your spending time.

I find myself overshadowed by all the array

You found a way to get around the dismay.

You whisper sweet nothings to please the mood,

I write a verse to tell you more about our reflection.

You take a bite of every dish that’s now created

I roam among the flowers and bask in the fading glow.

You forget the number of days, hours that lasted so long,

I examine myself  for reasons to want more.

You set your mind on the attraction and imagine it will remain

I  am not re-captured by such a notion, nor trust in what’s left.

You know we must find where our hearts truly belong.

I design another day for riding upon the waves of hope...

 that I am careful not to waste.

You were there in some ways ...and too many days we’re not together.

I will be true...Until we meet again.


                  Vannessa Garrett

Copyright ©  2008 Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art