Blackbutterfly Expressions

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                      I am not... ‘Just another Woman’... rather, I am...  

Extraordinary in my nature...cheerfully smiling away all doubts... confident in every storm.  Assured in happiness...blended in caring and refined in substance.  

Faithful and unique is my expression...shadowed by reasons, and realized dreams... my desires are ever perfected.  

Creating Joy and Inspiration, Hope and Strength; delighting in humble victory.

Exceeding in my will, now endless is my vision, forever attained by courage, and endures.   

Sustained by liberty....and prosperous in change, my garden is bountifully filled.

Giving all that’s worthy for the sake of living...manifesting the promise, so bearing the fruits of my being.    

I AM LOVE... when it’s found, where it’s found, when it’s touched, when it’s held, when it’s known.  I AM LOVE when it’s new, when it’s old, when the days have come and gone. 

I AM LOVE... in letters of sentimental words, the ‘bitter-sweet’ surrender, the feeling of gladness and peace of mind.   I AM LOVE, blossoming in the petals of flowers.  I AM LOVE, in the labor pains of my birth...the ‘soul’ before I breathed.   

I AM LOVE...seeded in beauty... sprouting up in 'Miracles', that’s cultivated by 'Faith', that’s watered by 'Grace', and nourished in 'Truth'.   I AM LOVE... the beating inside my heart, flowing as the blood in my veins. 

I AM LOVE... growing in 'Wisdom'...illuminating in every color, in every fashion and form.  I AM LOVE, forgiven to Trust....and draped in Fortitude

I AM LOVE....alive, where there is no time...or design... only the 'Infinity'...and the 'Reality' of what and who I AM ...INCARNATE AND AMAZING LOVE. 

Forever, For Always, For Love,


Vannessa GarrettCopyright © 2009~Blackbutterfly Poetry & Art