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                                               BBPA  Talk for Today ~ Oct. 15, 2009

The Peace of the Spirit Speaks....Quietly and Exciting!

Hello, family and friends, and all others...thank you BBPA Talk for Today readers.  The following is both a statement ....(a testimony) and a question....

Sometimes, I (we) just get the sense that maybe we shouldn't speak (more than necessary)....or maybe we're not sure of what to say...when, where or how, and to whom do we speak?  Maybe, as I encountered in the Holy Spirit on yesterday (Oct 11, 2009); to speak less at certain times...and to listen more, closely to the 'Voice of God'. There are times when the Holy Spirit will silence (guard our tongues).  My heart was filled as the Spirit gives utterance (in tongues).  God knows what the Holy Spirit is speaking (and this is the Miracle and the Holy mysteries of God).  When the Holy Spirit spoke to me....I could no longer pray in my 'English.'..and I began to speak in other tongues.  Ultimately, my tongue had to be stilled.  There was a different kind of silent, Spiritual conversation going on within me, with God.  I was endowed by the Holy Spirit, with an unspeakable kind of 'Peace’.  I am reminded of the Words of Jesus in John Chapter 14:27.  All through the rest of my day, I encountered the same experience of the Holy Spirit, as God's Word was being ministered through the Sunday TV worship programs.  Amazingly, all of the speakers referenced biblical scriptures relating to the subject of speaking in tongues, and/or the subject of how the 'tongue' can be "our worst" enemy, and can lead to self-destruction.  That is when we’re careless and allow our tongues to speak the 'corruptible things'.  On the other hand, our 'tongues' may be the blessing of our lives.  That is, when we wisely use it, to express Love and words of God's Truth; giving testimony to our faithfulness, and expressing words of gratitude, in our well-doing.  So, last night, I wrote (as I was directed by the Holy Spirit) to reference the biblical scriptures....Word of God and allow IT to speak.  For Truth's sake... we have to close our mouths (still our tongues) and allow the Word of God to feed us Spiritually...and to speak to us in ITS own excellent way.  

In times like these, the Peace that comes when we just rest, and listen....and as we listen, (or pray with our ears), we are spiritually listening to the Voice of the Holy know what the Holy Spirit is speaking.  It is in accordance with God's Will...that we pray in Faith...asking and believing that we have (already) received, that which we want to realize.  We should remove all other thoughts from our minds, and allow only our hearts to be the reception of the Words of the Holy Spirit.  Now, when the Holy Spirit (God) hears our fervent prayers....into our hearts the Holy Spirit searches for the humbleness become its resting place...that's where the Peace comes in.  Further, the Holy Spirit searches our hearts for 'righteousness' of our desires.  Therefore, for imparting of Wisdom and discerning of Its Truth and Revelation(s).  Now, this will surely appear before our God's Amazing Grace.....which is sufficient, that we come to know what HIS WILL for each of each His Own.  What will appear (come to pass) has always (already) been; Yet, God in His Infinite Wisdom....allows us to turn a deaf ear and/or a blind eye, to HIS Voice and HIS Revelations, through our own(free will) choices.  The Holy Spirit is Love Unconditional, and will not force itself upon us.  More so, God in His 'Unconditional' LOVE has (before we were born) given to us... the beginning and
Everlasting 'Words of 'ETERNAL LIFE'

God's LOVE imparted to HIS Grace through Faith...that we shall come to witness, and to confess with our mouths (with our tongues), that JESUS is LORD (Phil 2:10,11).  Today, tomorrow, and forevermore, we can receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus came to take our place on the Cross, that we may have these Gifts.  It is up to us; who are willing to accept what Jesus has already DONE, already GIVEN.  Ask, Knock, Seek... what has already been given, what has already been opened, what has already been found.  ALL THERE IS ...WAS DONE and FINISHED, ON THE CROSS... in the Life and Death of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  When Jesus arose from the dead and appeared before the eyes of was indeed the Everlasting, Eternal Revelation; all questions answered, all truths revealed, all forgiveness of sin...through His Blood and Death on the Cross.  We have the comforter (The Holy Spirit), to be with us throughout the days of our lives, to be our 'All', and everything we could ever ask for, find, and receive.  Jesus has given us everything that we hope and pray.  He has given us the way to God's throne of Peace, Mercy, Forgiveness, Strength and Faithful Rewards.  With God's Blessings and Amazing Grace, we have been made the 'Righteousness' of God's Love...unto Eternal Life though Jesus Christ.  Instead of asking for or seeking... of our own selfish desires and needs; (that which has already been given and that which has already been done),
we should become willingmore to receiving with gratitude, that which is already given.

We should pray more to RECEIVE_ HIS WISDOM, and to understanding HIS WAY.  This is why Jesus came to that we may see GOD ALMIGHTY, and witness HIS LOVE in action.  As we have witnessed HIS FAITH, to give assurance of our belief in HIM.   Even in the things we have not yet seen, we should pray more, for our eyes to be opened, and to hear what the Voice of God (the Holy Spirit) is speaking.  Be still and listen...and wait faithfully upon the Lord.  For in due season; in His Time, and according to His Will, as He has already made possible, for us to receive, and we are made whole.  We have life more abundantly; as God has promised from the beginning, in His Word.  We shall reap a harvest of blessings! (Galatians 6:9)  God is the Answer, Christ is the Key.   Accept God’s Will and let Him be the Answer...and receive the Key (salvation through Jesus Christ); to open the doors to a newness of Light, and of Truth; which brings God’s Peace.  Walk into His Way that leads to Eternal Life__ in Jesus Christ.  Let us not be weary; nor give up.  We shall be faithful and grateful, giving praise and thanks to our Lord, Jesus Christ... today and forever more.  With our tongues we shall Confess and Believe...and we Receive...what has 'Already Been Given'.  Thank you Jesus!

LOVE TO ALL, GOD BLESS, Vannessa Garrett  


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