Blackbutterfly Expressions

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Rejoicing in Joy......Real Joy

Tis the Day!  Another blessed day in the land of the living!  Another great day in the Lord!  My mouth is filled with praise and my heart is beating with a song and the rhythm is Joy!!  I will sing praises because I Love the Lord!  He’s heard my cry...He hears my humble and faithful prayers!  I rejoice because He woke me up this morning with His Touch of Love!  My heart knows the immeasurable Grace and Mercies that are new every morning!  (Lamentations 3:22-23).  As the psalmist David knew; The LORD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation.  (Psalm 118:14).  “The Lord is my strength and song - He is the source of strength to me; and he is the subject of my praise. There is no ground of praise in myself for anything that I have done, but all is due to him.”  For without Him...we cannot be fulfilled with everlasting Joy...unwavering Faith....and Peace of mind!  We can be certain...and rest in His All-Conquering Love and Promises.  Every day is a special occasion to ‘get lifted’ follow and seek Him; to be blessed by keeping His Word as the source of our happiness.   I pray we are reminded in every awakening of every every vision, every smile...and even in the rain...that we always look to Jesus!  Let’s be grateful for His Light that shines over you and me, as we cannot see the Right-Way without His Light!  We are the “Apple of His Eye”!  So, it is His Joy that we give Praise... everyday!  Let’s be glad for the Gift of the Holy walk and talk (with God)....and find everything we need in Jesus Christ.  Oh what a difference He makes in this life!  His Grace is upon us, no matter what is going on....for He Delights in me and you!  (Psalm 18:19)  Heavenly we give You Praise...we Rejoice!  We are forever grateful for Your Merciful Goodness, Forgiveness, Peace, and for (Your) fulfillment of Your Promises!  Thank You for loving us so great, that You came down to earth to be with us, to be our ransom (to die) for our sins; to give us life anew...everlasting life in Jesus Christ!  Father we magnify You in our lives...for there is No Greater Love for us...thank You!   No Greater Life to Live!  No Greater Joy!!  You are the reason why we sing!  It’s a New Day...we are Glad in It!  We Love You Jesus...we Rejoice!!  ~~   To God Is the Glory!!