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Black History Month Perspective 


Greetings to all! I'm glad you are here...and as well, I'm happy with thoughts... thoughts for sharing and thoughts for keeping...Alive.  I'm remembering the times...the best we've known of the past...and to celebrate those who upheld and pressed-on in those times...and proclaimed a declaration of history, as worthy of celebration!

As 'Black History Month' is now upon us...in this special year of 2017...let's not allow our focus to sway far... from the essence and meaning of our history.  Reflect on it as perennial, every month of every year. From a universal perspective, I think it is important to our personal outlook and social well-being, to know of all people's history.  I believe that knowing one's ethnic history...of family and fore-fathers/mothers is vital...to knowing who we are.  In knowing history we have the essential precedence of truth.  In knowing the truth of our history, our minds are set free to understanding and appreciating the overall uniqueness, and ingenious of racial make-ups.  We are born into the greatest creation of God...the human race...in His divine master plan.

As we reflect on the achievements, the awesome experiences and distinctive paths of our past leaders and 'legends', we have reason to hope.  It is important that we remember...that we pass on (teach) to our children...telling them of our own stories of family history.  We can believe in the positive affluence for our children's future, and enrich their minds with positive knowledge... especially in the day and time we now live. Our present and future (children's) generation...is "history in the making"... will be inspired by what we rightfully acknowledge and appreciate of our past "history-makers".

Since the day of arrival of the many tribes of Africa... upon American soil... African-American history would be remarkable.  It is a history and a story that is traced back to the crest of "Mother Earth"_ Africa.  We know that God has done Great Things...from the beginning of the foundations of the world. The bible clearly tells us that we (every race of mankind) all originated from the same place...the continent of Africa.  The human-race was spread-out all over the earth, in the order and manner of God's Unconditional Love and according to His Divine Purpose.  Therefore, the bible tells us that God "has no respect of persons". (Rom.9:15-16)   For God so loved us all in the world, that He desired {HIS-STORY}... to be likened to man...to be God in the flesh... to become the sacrificial "lamb" of the world!  So that His people, who will accept "His Love" and love all others as the same...will not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)  This is the First and Greatest History...of all history.  This is to the fulfillment of our knowledge, in all revelations....past, present and future.  We have been made wiser in our past and present experiences.  There are predestined, various plights for the "chosen few" who will lead the way, and carry the torch of victory into the halls of history.  We are to be gracious in honor of our former leaders; such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr...with our hearts and minds inspired...to continue in the mission of uniting all God's people in brotherly love.

In the last 100 years alone, we have come through many hard-fought battles for "civil-rights" and equal-justice. We have some mighty relentless African American men and women to pay respect and honor, for having been faithful and courageous to lead the way...to pave the road to a brighter future for us all. 
In 2008 we witnessed/hailed the crown for a great chapter to be remembered and celebrated in all times.  In so many places, here in the USA and abroad... in most peoples' minds... November 4, 2008 is a very significant day in history... to us all.  It was the day of a nation's people... joined in hope of a victorious future... desiring the kind of change that makes this country and the world, a better place to live. The former Senator Mr. Barack Obama...first African-American was elected to serve as Commander-In-Chief/President of the United States of America! What an Amazing Day in African/Black History!

We believed then..., as we do now-days...as we go into the next special Presidential-Election year...2012. When on November 6, 2012 we witnessed an amazing second-term Re-Election of President Barack Obama!  Again, the USA and abroad celebrated an Amazing day in African-American/Black History! Today and in all the blessed days to come, I do believe I speak for the majority of a faithful people; that we are honored to say, we still and will always 'Believe in the Change'..."Yes We Can"...for we are hopeful and reserved in our optimism.  In appreciation and respect of Black History Month, we are the 'People of the United States of America,' honoring our Freedom and Independence; of shared and renewed hope and values of a better life for us all.  As we celebrate and congratulate the works and deeds of our past and present African-American history-makers, let us always be gracious and loving towards one another...continue to work together to bring about the kind of history that is pleasing to God... as we reap the abundant blessings of God’s unconditional love, and His divine plans for our lives.

Happy Black History Month! Giving Praise to God for all!  Reminded always to be kind, free and Loving... we Rejoice in the Lord Always!

Love and Blessings to all,
Blackbutterfly Expressions


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