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B.E.T. AWARDS 2010

Hello BBPA family and friends.  OK!  I know it was 4 days ago…(Sunday, June 27, 2010)…but I just want to share this occasion with you.  For the “After-Glow” still lingers on in Los Angeles!

The Main Event June 2010 B.E.T. Awards (Live) The Shrine Auditorium Los Angeles, CA 6/27/10

I usually visit the B.E.T. Awards Red Carpet Affair each year.  This year I had a remote (camera) view…but very definitive view.    I must say B.E.T. 2010 Awards...was an overall great... elite show this year.  It was well designed, orchestrated and choreographed....upgraded in the Directing and Programming (Editing/Advertising, etc.).  It's obvious that B.E.T. executives and organizers have excelled (over the last couple of years), in the areas of Event Planning and Stage Design...Rehearsing and Organizing.  It was wonderful to see(feel) the real, genuine positive spirit, and to witness the warm fellowship…the sincerity shown on people's faces. 

The celebration ascended higher and brought us to our feet…as we watched Kim Burrell, Karen Clark Sheard, Yolanda Adams and Marvin Sapp!  We're (LA) still hanging onto, (talking) about their "unforgettable" performances at the B.E.T. Awards.  They sung up the “Holy Spirit” had to stand-up!  I felt the Lord’s Presence all over that place!


Alicia Keys was truly a ~Key~ Performace

Alicia (w/child to be) Keys...well, what else ‘we do say’...’yes’...she's always the Supreme!  She delivers with such an awesome "stage presence" and allures you into every word sung from her amazing and beautiful voice.  It was a beautiful...graceful and unforgettable display of her distinctive talent and showmanship.  Highlite on 'Keys' !

Honorable Mentions

Chris Brown was so remarkable!  Yes, I believe he "has made a change"...for the better...through Christ Jesus.  God does the amazing…all the time!   He performed from the depths of his heart.  No one else (maybe Usher) could match his ‘God-Given’ talent to dance like Michael Jackson...outstanding! 

The Shrine Auditorium was alluminated with B.E.T. Awards 2010 shining Stars!

From the Life-time tribute award to Dorothy Heights…to the “old school” singing sensations (Pattie Label, Chaka Khan, etc.), tribute to “Prince”…the launch and introduction of B.E.T.’s “Music Matters” Campaign, which offers a debut platform for the “up and coming”, rising new artists.  That’s definitely a plus to our future generation of musical artists.  It’s inspiring and draws major incentives in marketing …research (and sponsorship campaigns.   It has been proven over-time, that when we invest more of our “time, talent and treasures”…into our children’s futures; their dreams and hopes to be successful in their lives…we truly realize their greatest potentials…and we reap the “sweet melodies” of their success.  God-given talent is always worthwhile of our best attention, and time…for their development…and achievements.  ~Desire and Practice working together... in perfect timing... “practice to make perfect”. 

Blackbutterfly Words for Today ~ Express your love each day, in the time you have...and in the variety of ways you can.  If not in words or deeds; then just smile and be happy...and Thank God for “Every Good” thing, and for each New Day! ~ God Bless

Love In Agape, V.G.


Aspiring to Musical Dreams !

Simply attributed in words…this year’s 2010 B.E.T. Awards, were uniquely pivoted… with a special  kind of equilibrium of invigorating talent;  and a unique harmony…and essence... of genuine positive vibes and shared spirit...among all our brothers and sisters.  Their acceptance/appreciation remarks were even more evidence of Godly Love!  And you could see…the words were truly genuine.  What can be more appreciated than those beautiful words of acknowledgement and thanks to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?  To God Be the Glory!! The future for this special (B.E.T.) Awards show looks great!  We're (Los Angeles) hoping it continues to bring the Best Entertainment Event to the west coast.  We appreciate and enjoy all the excitement, that ‘B.E.T.  Awards’ brings to Los Angeles in June.  It gets even year!! We're already looking forward, and will see you B.E.T. in June 2011!