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Behind every Broken-Heart is a story....of Dreams, Expectations, Believing, Blindness, mistrust, betrayal, deception, un-forgiveness... being a Lesson of LOVE.  Remembering to never forget the Lesson is Key.  I am reminded of an old wise saying (as my Mother would recite..."everything that glitters is not gold").  The Truth of Golden-Wisdom.  I like to say too...that everything that looks good, taste good, makes you feel and/or even looks good to you...Is not always Good for you.  You just might partake..."eat your heart out"....only to come to realize you have been bitten....left with a heart of crumbled pieces...of a carelessly handled heart.  Albeit as sweet as it could have been.  Carrying around the broken pieces, ignoring and/or never desiring to seek the right restoration; renewal to a heart of pure unconditional love...only leads to more pieces falling apart.  It is a separation from Love...from the Power of LOVE.  Remembering that there are no pieces apart...no part of a broken-heart that GOD cannot put together again...In a Whole New HEART!  Solidified with new ingredients that hold the pieces together with new substance... forever!  So embrace the Pieces...for each piece provides a Love-lesson...valuable are those pieces.  Do not hold yourself hostage for allowing your heart such vulnerability to crumble.  Don't be afraid to examine the pieces...stare closely; use the magnifiers of humbleness and admission to free yourself to Truth and accept the TRUTH.  A LOVE lesson learned...applied... greatly mends a broken heart.  Putting the Pieces together again is the work of letting-go and rebuilding...of New Eyes and New Understanding...of Forgiveness...of New Faith...of New Life!  New LOVE!  PRAISE THE LORD FOR NEWNESS OF HEART...NO MORE BROKENNESS...NO MORE PIECES APART.  REJOICING IN HEART of EVERLASTING LOVE!  ~ From Conversations of Love/aka The Gospel of Love.  ~ Blackbutterfly Expressions


These Heart *PIECES are so deserving of the 'Behind-The-Scenes' story.  How this all came about is incredible...as God never ceases to *Amaze me!  I was inspired to take a photo of this beautiful Valentine's Day Red-Heart cookie...from a few V-Day years ago...still intact in the plastic wrapping.  So, as I was clearing out old-snacks never opened and out-of-date for eating, I picked up this cookie and said to myself, I want to keep this nice cookie, sentimentally speaking.  Well, just as I was about to put it into a keepsake container, it slipped through my hands---falling onto the kitchen floor!  I was of course awed in the moment---unbelieving that I had dropped it!  Wow!  I couldn't believe that as soon as I thought to keep it...it is now laying broken!  So, I reached immediately to pick up the shattered Heart-Cookie...being grateful it was still enclosed in the plastic...which saved it from being splashed across the floor.  As held this in my hands...looking at the way this cookie broke into the unique pattern of the 4-larger portions remaining whole...while the inner-threads (the breaking) were the making of the crumbled broken pieces.  As The Spirit Speaks to us sometimes...in God's Special Way...I felt something very special about this...instantaneously taking care to open the wrapping and removing the large cookie pieces and all the crumblings...placed all on a blank white sheet of stationery.  Camera photo above taken...as I just carefully listened to the Voice, as the Spirit of LOVE spoke to my heart.  So, it is a heart-warming story to share...as I hope in SPIRIT of TRUTH, PEACE and LOVE...will be a Blessing of HEALING...a Blessing of PEACE, TRUTH and RESTORATION of a HEART of LOVE.  As GOD WILLS...as GOD IS LOVE...as LOVE LIVES ON DESPITE any FALLS!  When we Love enough to pick-up-the-pieces of the *Broken-hearted*...to help ourselves as all others...LOVE REDEEMS!  LET GO AND LET GOD!!  LOVE CONQUERS ALL! †❤†❤

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