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Welcome to the Well

Thinking about something to go on your shopping List --- Some Things we Like to Have ---??

(Nope...we’re not talking about the grocery list). That other list of things...you want for yourself. 
You go on a shopping spree...looking for something you want. The seller asks; "See something you like? You say; "No...I'm just looking." Honestly...the clerk's/seller approaching me with that question...as soon as I step foot inside the store...use to really bug me.) I would like first of all to browse-around...see what's available. I would feel good...if and when I do...then I would have to decide. Make a choice about whether I want to pay the price..."uhumnn"?

It's not hard to find what we want out there...somewhere...seek and you will find. The more important matter is what we are seeking...what we desire...to make us feel good...content... happy. Usually, we'll feel the well-satisfied euphoria of "at last"! It's mine! However, we may not....and/or do as most die-hard shoppers....we move on to the next store...the next “Big-Sale” sign. Maybe....eventually we’ll find... (have found) what we have "always wanted"...yet when we realized the price we had to pay...we "walked away". We try again next shopping-trip.

Many have found exactly what they say "they always wanted". Truth of the matter is...the question..."is it worth the price? Will it make you wish "you hadn't"? Will you wake-up one day, realizing you paid (gave all you had) for something that you no longer desire? Maybe it just dawned upon you...you really wanted something else instead...the whole time! Now it’s too late...no returns...no refunds.

We all have a budget...one that we either abide by or we don't. We know going-in (to the stores, the yard-sales, market-places) what we have to spend. Therefore, we look for what we hope for that we can afford. We love “bargains” when we find them...what we’re looking for...at a great price. Uhumnn...a “great price”? “One man’s trash may be another’s treasure”... depending upon what we consider valuable. I personally have found lots of discarded things...that I found valuable... keepsakes. Yet, someone else considers them of no value for keeping. 
We ought to go on a Seeking-Spree... Seeking what God Desires for us...what God Has In-Store for us. Seeking what’s priceless...more valuable than anything we can ever find...more than we can ever own. 

I am reminded of the time when Christ Jesus was confronted by the devil...the same serpent that confronted Eve in the Garden of Eden. When satan offered Jesus all the earthly riches, as far as he could see...Jesus (God-In-The-Flesh) rebuked satan; Saying (paraphrasing) – “Get behind Me satan... For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.’” God Is not tempted by no one... nor does God tempt us. (James 1:3) The earth is His...all that exist was created by God...The Heavens and al l the Universe. Therefore, when we fall to devilish temptations...fulfilling our desires, we are failing to receive the Gifts that God Desires for us. Instead we accept those of satan. All the silver and gold and riches the world has to offer does not (cannot) compare or measure to The Gifts of God’s Kingdom... Everlasting! Another reminder and favorite hymn comes to mind; (with these lyrics); “...I’d rather have Jesus...than silver and gold”. The superficial fading material things of the world...just won’t do. Looking to Jesus...we are to realize that we are Rich...we are God’s Precious...Purchased through the Blood of Jesus Christ on The Cross...we are now Priceless Gifts. When we Give to and of ourselves...the Greatest Gift that is ours freely....within us IN CHRIST JESUS...we HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH. (Psalm 34:10) WE ARE NOT LACKING ANY GOOD THING! ~ (Philippians 4:19) WE HAVE THE BEST OF ALL...EXCEEDINGLY AND ABUNDANTLY! 

I am Glad in seeking...following Jesus...where we have the Greatest of All . We can look the other way to find fulfillment; in buying the world’s treasures...hoping to fulfill what’s missing in our lives. We can do as the woman who went to the well...seeking water...but finding so much more. More than what she would have ever imagined! (John 4: 4-42) Like finding a well of water.... because we’re thirsty...we are satisfied...but only for a while...we will thirst again and again. The woman at the well met Jesus...at the well. (An awesome story to read!) In the wonderful and amazing conversation with the woman... Jesus answered (Vs. 9-13) _ “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, 14 but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to Eternal Life”. Thank You Jesus! 

My prayers are for all of us who making decisions... choosing what we want...while ignoring God’s Desire for our lives...that we take a good long-look at what we have to own (gain) materially. But also, more importantly, what we have been given access to own and to gain in Spiritual Blessings. The Greatest Gifts we may receive are those in our God’s Answer to our prayers. Thank You Jesus! 

Let us Pray: Praying that we Be like Jesus...telling the devil to get behind us...when he tries to deceive us; tempting us with greed...self-destructive thirsts....that we will not bow-down and accept the worthless...the bitterness...the anti-nourishing and shallow waters of satan’s false promises. Nor shall we worship and desire the worthless well-of-things; that only appear desirable for a season...then when the good-time is passed...those things are insufficient...empty and lacking. (Matthew 6:33) We have nothing here in the world that offers us the Almighty Power, Faithfulness, Freedom, Forgiveness, Redemption, Healing, Salvation, Victory.... Amazing Grace and Peace of God. We have Everlasting Joy and Strength In-Christ! We have the Everlasting Gift of God’s ever-flowing stream of All-Conquering Love...Freely!

Thank You Heavenly Father God...for Giving us the Greatest Gift of Christ Jesus...Being the Everlasting Well...The Crown Drink of Eternal Life!  


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