Blackbutterfly Talk for Today ~ Happy New Year 2020!

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First Sunday - New Year 2020!

First Sunday New Year 2020!  – Testimony and Praise

Awakened with gladness of heart...gratitude and joy to rise and shine on this gorgeous day...first Sunday of the New Year 2020!  It was my plan to attend Church and therefore I was up early and going about my usual morning routine.  As always, reading my Daily Devotional, while eating breakfast, I was fulfilled in heart, mind and spirit, with the newness of another blessed gift of day...first Sunday...very special. 

After breakfast, I decided to go outside and brush off some of the piles of leaves that were covering my front window and roof of my vehicle, so that I would have a clear view; which is of necessary and something I do on a regular basis when necessary.  Yet, this morning as I was in the process, I happened to push down the master lock for all doors, while the keys are still inside the vehicle.  And, I shut the passenger door, which was the only door I had open, and in the split second of the moment, I realized my keys are not in my pocket, but at the same moment I’m closing the door, but fortunately I managed to catch my force and the door was not completely closed...just a slight opening and also the window was rolled down about a couple of inches.  I just couldn’t in the moment, quite believe what just happened.  Nevertheless, it really had... this happening to me again....was not at all a good feeling...not a good for the start of the day.

This special day that is filled with hope and newness of a great day to be.  Now, I am facing a challenge.  I didn’t panic...but thought to keep calm and of course, started to talk with Jesus.  I didn’t want to call AAA as I had done, just 3 weekends ago.  As I started to call on Jesus, I was moved to find a wire clothes hanger; (which I do not use...or keep)...but I might want to rethink and keep at least one handy for incidences such as this.  Walking as God lead me, toward the nearest neighbor’s apartment, with hope of getting one.  Just as I was about to enter the entrance of the building, there just happened to be a gentlemen going inside, walking just behind me.  I greeted him Good Morning and asked if he lived in the building, to which replied, “Yes, how can in help you”.  I told him that I’d locked my keys in my car and asked if he had a wire-clothes-hanger.  He promptly replied, “Let me get you one”.  My heart smiled as I uttered by gratitude to this kind neighbor.  Within a minute, he’d gone inside and got the hanger and brought it outside to me.  I was filled with nothing but words of “thank you so much....God Bless you...thank you....saved the day”.  So, going to take on the challenge of getting the door open was now at hand.  It’s been so long....long...time ago, since I even tried to open a locked-door of a vehicle with a clothes hanger.  But, I was very determined to not have to call AAA...again. 

As the sheer hope and faith and determination were put to the test...I worked diligently with that wire clothes-hanger...for approximately 20-25 minutes.  At several adjustments of pulling and straightening and bending and taking the hanger in and out to try again and again.  And praying and talking to Jesus, (I know You will work this out)...I was not going to lose faith.  Just kept saying that I will not...will not give up and call AAA.  Let me also say, it’s no easy thing to do, to align the hanger over the door least not for me.  Fortunately, the window was down as much which was so very to the advantage of even trying to unlock. 

Well, calling on Jesus, all through the process....saying out loud...Lord Jesus please help me get this door unlocked as soon as possible.  I want to get back indoors and continue getting ready to get to Church, this beautiful Sunday of New Year 2020.

God guided my hands and fingers just so gently and precisely and the hanger was aligned right as needed to be....pulled up the door lock!  What a moment of sheer joy and relief!  I was so touched in the moment and all I could do is shout....Thank You Jesus!  We did it!  Yes, I knew, I knew Jesus was going to work it time!  I managed to get back inside and get the bath and dressing done...headed out to arrive at the church...for 11am worship service.  Not late...but on time!  Found the perfect seat too...view of the stage (Pulpit) unobstructed.  What awesome goodness of God. 

My heart filled with much gratitude just looking up to the Cross...Giving God Glory.  The Pastor’s message, the songs of worship and spirit of unity, peace and brotherly-sisterly-love, was divine.  Praise and Anointing of Spirit, was outpouring in the congregation.  It was so great and to be be a great Testimony!  Having the Blessing of Sunday-Communion (Bread-Wine) Prayer and Thanksgiving...mind and heart filled with gratitude...I am Forever Grateful to You Lord!  You Always Make A Way!  I Will Forever...Bless The Lord!   


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Vannessa “Blackbutterfly” Garrett