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The Audacity! Donald Trump's "Lynching" Statement (Impeachment Inquiry - October 2019)

The Audacity...! Donald Trump's Lynching Statement

Will someone...please show Donald Trump what "lynching" looks like!!???  What lynching really is!! As an African American woman...I am very appalled! As I am certain that most people of African American Slavery descent might be appalled. Aye, I am rightly mad...angry and disturbed! The Audacity to use the word… "lynching"! How dare you!!  Beyond mere words... that is horrible! Beyond…! How Ridiculous!

As I look upon the photographs of the hundreds and thousands of slaves, who were beaten and tortured, burned alive, murdered by lynchings; my heart is truly touched by the sadness and of imagination of what strife and grief, what suffering...for two hundred years...was endured by those in captivity of slavery. And even in the aftermath of slavery...for decades more...from Jesse Washington, Emmett Teal to all the many, many others not publicized...gone and forgotten... unknown. As in the Jim Crow era; KKK killings.  And in light of the recent and present times...more that have been wrongly accused and incarcerated; lives lost (killed) in the streets and their homes, by triggers of racism, at the hands of fearful police and without a just reason.

So, yes...we African American (even Native Americans) people in this country... would likely be very Donald Trump has once again shown how unfit (undeserving)...his being in the Oval Office really is. You think an Investigation of your misconduct...posing an Impeachment... is like a "lynching"!?? You have long shown your true colors…being...An outright shame and disgrace!! Not my President!! 



Just a Note: Now by the mere fact that I am just as much a God-conscious woman... believing in forgiveness...I will say...that by the Grace of God...I will have forgiven Donald Trump's statement today. Sooner than later.  Yet, I will also say...God have mercy on his soul.🙏

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