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Native Americans Heritage Month - November

Native Americans Heritage Month ~November


In Recognition and Honor of this month being "Native Americans Heritage" Month...may we all be grateful to the First inhabitants of this country... the First Americans...who gave up (not without a long fight) their own inheritance from their forefathers and foremothers; not willing but not equipped to withstand battle after battle... against all odds. Dying on the their birth-lands... taken away by invading foreigners from abroad. Their lives swept into the deep and forever changed; in this beautiful land of America. Much the same way our African Americans Ancestors who were brought here, against their free will, suffering through the many many barren years of slavery, treacherous and dangerous toils and millions lost of life; through the long hard times, years of the American wars we were eventually used to kill and be killed. Like the Native Americans, who we were before...stripped and torn apart from our own nativity in this Native American land. Their living space in America, becomes a Reservation encampment...whereas they are enclosed and sheltered, from and by the so-called "white man" territories. This is the real history, but was not foretelling in the classrooms of the post American Wars history books. As they (European) have proclaimed the other version of this country... being "discovered". Of their own founding and inheritance. Thus, as Native Americans settled to survive and hold on to a tiny fraction of Native soil. As suvivors, castaways, the indigenous beginning life all over on the whiles of discourse. On the other hand... the foreigners are living on the Pilgrims (pride) of New England and New York and New Hampshire and Vermont, building a Colonial New America. 

And we African Americans have come along... from a mighty long way, since the days we were not allowed in schools; since the days we were not allowed in the same classrooms, of their history telling. Forward to the Civil Rights era and pass to being allowed (to vote) to be seated in the same classrooms, with the contents of their versions of our Nation's History being taught...from generation to generation. Native Americans have long lived with an untold true history as was/has been taught from the beginning; from the history of Christopher Columbus' voyage to the arrival of the Pilgrims. Yet, it is a wonderful turn in recent years, so for this generation of learning about American History, whereas the preconceived adaptations of America being "discovered" is presenting a new, and more importantly, a realistic Native American history, of their Ancient presence in this beautiful and beloved land of America. May History always ring True...for all. We honor the Native American people, for you were the First give...for your land to become a land of "we the people" of the United States of America.  May God continually bless you and May God bless America.


One more note.. Although the Pledge of Allegiance, has also been taken away from being recited the classrooms of America. The phrase; One Nation "Under God"...was deemed inappropriate and insensitive to individual religious and/or non-God-Believing people.  

And further more….the rest of the pledge "with Liberty and Justice for all"..../Well, "we the people" know this is certainly...still a work in progress.  That's another story...a whole lot of history being written. Truthfully. We are to keep pushing forward to stand up and speak up...Act to make the change "we the people" need in America.  

God Help us all 🙏😇♥️🦋 America. 


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