Tribute to Queen of Soul_Aretha Franklin

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Tribute to Queen of Soul_Aretha Franklin

Ms Aretha Franklin - The Golden_Soulful_Queen of Soul  

Amazing Grace...How Sweet the Sound! As the world remembers and honor the passing away of a Beloved G.O.A.T of female singers...Ms. Aretha Franklin. Hailing through the decades of the 60’s, 70’s, 80's and on throughout the last 18-years of the New Millennium, the Songstress...the Incomparable Voice of Aretha Franklin was heard around the world, always commanding to our ear-pleasure, delighting our emotions, our minds, our hearts and our spirits. With the powerful and soulful delivery of a song, Aretha’s sung with a deep...a high...a rhythm...a jazz...a beat...a flow...a no other before her and no other after her.

In the late sixties, Aretha Franklin was heralded/crowned as the Queen of Soul. Her forth-coming from as a young-girl singing in the church-choir [her father, Rev. C.L. Franklin Pastor] marked the beginning of a legend...destined to become a great singer. Aretha Franklin could sing not only her heart out...but sing yours/ ours out too. She sung across Genres of musical style; Soul, R&B, Pop, Blues, [even some Hip-Hop collaborations], Classical {Opera}, and Jazz, and of course her roots of Gospel...with a heart-stirring and one-and-only kind of deliverance, as only Aretha Franklin could sing. The crowned Queen of Soul...will never be away from our memories, whenever we hear the sounds of her great God-Given Gift...her Voice; in all the ‘Greatest Hits’ she brought to the music world. Winning a world-class of Stardom through a span of 6-decades, numerous Grammys [18], first woman inducted to the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame and other Outstanding Record-Setting Musical Awards.

Today, August 16, 2018...Heaven has welcomed home another Greatest of All Times....our beloved Legend with an Angelic-Voice, Ms Aretha Franklin. Now, just imagine...see the vision of Aretha now joining in the Heavenly choir with all the other Greats...gone before her. Can you see that Awesome...Amazing....Vision?! Can you hear that Awesome...Heart-stirring...Soul-shouting... Amazing...awe--Amazing Sound?!

Rest in Heavenly Peace, Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul. Singing in Heaven...forever more. Amazing Grace!

©Blackbutterfly Expressions Words

Vannessa “Blackbutterfly” Garrett

August 16, 2018



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In Tribute to the Queen of Soul_Ms Aretha Franklin {March 28, 1942 - August 16, 2018} 

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