Blackbutterfly Expressions - 2016 Presidential Election

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Good Day America!  Greetings in the Spirit of Faith - Peace - Love

After viewing a few of the media "breaking news" articles and reaction-statements regarding the Election of Donald Trump as President of the USA; So many broken-hearted, weeping, angy and some outraged voices are heard around the nation and the world today.  Throughout the whole day, this sadness and gloom expressed by those who voted for Hilary Clinton, are understandably grieving her lost mission to become the First woman President of the USA.  There are a great many people just the same...that are celebrating the victory of Donald Trump.  That is the greater unexpected Blast of Reality.

Nevertheless, there is More TO BE GRATEFUL matter what is at hand. As I am compelled and moved by the express these words; GOD IS SENDING A MESSAGE. Be not I don't want to offend anyone's feelings about a time such as this...regarding the USA-Presidential Election...{but this Election result} is not an unconquerable mountain...of demise...unless of course, you think and make it to be...(your choice---to think differently). Remember, WHO IS THE KING...THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. GOD KNOWS WHAT's GOING ON...WHAT GOD IS DOING(ALLOWS) ALWAYS GOING TO BE ALL-RIGHT. OH YE OF LITTLE FAITH....! PLEASE DON'T DESPAIR...GOD IS GREATER THAN ANY ELECTED POLITICIAN. DO YOU BELIEIVE IN GOD's Omnipotence... Omniscience...Divine Plan? Despite the way things look....No matter who is in the "White House" as President...GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE...IN CONTROL!! GOD IS STILL DOING GREAT THINGS...NO MATTER HOW this Presidential-future looks. Our LIVING with an unlikeable/unchosen (for some) new NOT AN END of us LIVING OUR BEST this great country of the USA....over the next 4-yrs...or at any time. As well, we should be mindful of people in countries, who have none of the Rights (we may take for granted) religious freedom...none to choose a husband/ marry at free will by their own choice...No safe-haven/roof over their heads-to call money (that should get attention-right?) to buy/sell from free-markets to provide food for family, no schooling or adequate facilities of education for their children. No daily peace and protection from enemies...who's daily lives are threatened by mass weapons of destruction/suicide bombings...hundreds (women and children alike) killed daily...Others who are severely impoverished and are starving to death...right before our USA-eyes...(to say the least/so much more to be said). These are our fellow human-beings-who need all the help of our Faithful Prayers...even some here in parts of America. We should be praying for them more than GOD would speak to our hearts and minds. So, again...this (Election of Trump for President) is nothing close to compare to their Reality.

We are to be BELIEVERS... STEADFAST... and FAITHFUL...through and through...the test of times. That's WHAT JESUS would DO. So, as you press on and PRAY in the LIKE-MINDNESS of CHRISTIAN FAITH...LIKE CHRIST....Today... Always! And on that note...WE CAN BE GLAD and REJOICE in the LORD ALWAYS!! (Psalm 118:24) † Blackbutterfly Expressions

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