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January 29, 2010 

Welcome to Blackbutterfly Talk for Today.  I would like to address the following excerpt I've pulled for discussion, and to share my commentary, regarding the President Barack Obama's 'STATE OF THE UNION' speech, nationally televised on Wednesday, January 27, 2010.  I am a subscriber of the Huffington Post Newsletter.  The following is an article by Arianna Huffington, posted on Thursday January 27, 2010.  To read the entire article, you may visit the Huffington Post website. 

Arianna Huffington: Obama's State of the Focus Group Speech


AP/Susan Walsh


Arianna Huffington: The president, we were told, spent a good deal of time in the days leading up to his State of the Union address going over it with a fine-toothed comb, making changes and additions in longhand. But judging from the speech, he also spent a lot of time going over the results of focus groups and polls. Indeed, the speech, despite its charm, humor, and occasionally impassioned rhetoric, had the feel of being focus-grouped within an inch of its life. There was a decidedly paint-by-poll-numbers air about it. It came across less like an overriding vision for the country, and more like an attempt to deliver at least one applause line for every constituency in the country.....


 Blackbutterfly Talk For Today:  In Response to the above "Huffington Post" article:

Typical...cotton-in-the-"Earmark" response.  Republicans, for the most part, just couldn't wait to read what the “public” thought about President Obama's (SOTU) speech.  It's so obvious, that NO ONE, in the "polls or focus groups", (as you say)...has bothered to come forth by "association", to support your thoughts, or criticize; nor to address your opinion, insinuations, or judgment, (which is more subject to questions)...of whether, where and how Mr. Obama has "done his research".  To address the people of this nation wisely, and/or to better educate him-self about “issues” being talked about, in these "focus groups, panels, or polls" a smart thing to do.  There's nothing wrong I can see, of "reviewing opinions", from sources other than TV news reports, Wall Street publishers, CNN, Headline News, etc.  President Obama, stated the facts based on what HE, NOT THE FOCUS GROUPS, POLLS, etc., BELIEVES IN; since the first day he took over the job as PRESIDENT.  He's living in the REALITY, and expects criticism from those who breed doubt, discontent, and harbor "separation", among the governing parties.  The media just wants the attention, on their platform, and in their own spot-light.  Of course, the negative views, makes better (OBAMA) news to them.  The “Good News” for President Obama is seldom the “Headline News”, as it was a year ago.  How quickly some have given up on believing in the “DREAM”, staying the course, be as willing to “see it through”.  Well, let’s hear more of the FACTS; not news passed down by those who don’t appreciate; and lack the Faith and Trust give President Obama the more positive “rating”, he very well deserves.  FACT IS...He speaks possibilities, methods, and strategies to bring about CHANGE...which HAS ALWAYS BEEN HIS PURPOSE.  More now, than ever before, is the time to put aside our doubts, fears, disbelief, "judgment calls" and embrace the un-wavering Faith, determination, ideals (for solutions), common-sense, and realistic goals; which President Obama has proposed. 


This county has no need, and should not waste any more time, hanging onto the "spoiled benefits" of the previous greedy-fishers, and their careless-nets. 


Let's bring back the Trust and join together to help bring about the "CHANGE" WE NEED... beginning with you and me.

God Bless,


Vannessa Garrett

Blackbutterfly Talk for Today (Not a Focus Group or Poll)





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