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BBPA Talk for Today ~ November 4, 2009

"White House releases official Obama family photo; high-profile week for first lady"

President Barack Obama, (wife) Michelle Obama, and daughters Sasha and Malia Obama

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BBPA Talk for Today ~ November 4, 2009

Hello! To all my BBPA family and friends....yes, here we are again, at a very memorable time in our great country of the United States of America.  In so many places, here in the USA and abroad, and in most peoples' minds; this (first) week of November 2009 is very significant to us all.  Today is ever more significant, because it marks the 1-year anniversary of the 2008 Presidential election....a day that the whole world watched....while the American people stood together, joined in an "unforgettable portrait.  A portrait of an American red, white and blue...a nation witnessing its 'true colors' the 'rainbow of faces', smiling toward the glorious light of a 'new day, for the people of the United States!  Their dreams, their hopes, their desires, were all decorated by their joy and celebration (!) ...displaying the overwhelming victory...the gratitude of hard-work and perseverance, the courage to rise above social and political barriers, the love of their home-land and of their relentless faith, to pursue and meet with the challenges that lie ahead.  It was the day of a nation's people... joined in hope of a victorious future... and desiring the kind of change, that makes this country and the world, a better place to live.  We believed in our President, on this special day...a year ago.  Today, I do believe I speak for the majority of the people; that at this time and on this very November 2009, we are still honored to say, that we still 'Believe in the Change'..."Yes We Can"...and we are honored and reserved in our optimism; we are respectful of such a 'heart-felt and encouraging time.'.. for a very long time.  We are the 'People of the United States of America,' honoring our Freedom and Independence, of shared and renewed hope and values, for a better life, for all.  Truly this is a day of historical recognition.  May God Bless our President, Mr. Barack Obama. 


~ God Bless the  People of the United States of America ~ November 4, 2009 ~


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BBPA Talk for Today ~ October 23, 2009

Happy Friday!  To my BBPA family and friends....let us rejoice!  Living in the light and enjoying another beautiful day; filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit.  It's a great time to settle (within) and just enjoy life in the momentThis is the Day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it(Psalm 118:24) King James Bible.  Today, I would like to share a picture of our President (United States) and his family.  What a wonderful and beautiful expression, of love and happiness...favor and peace.  When I look upon this family portrait, I am touched by the Amazing Grace of God.  Truly, the "Almighty" Will of God, has now come to life...unto the world, in such a time as this.

Only a few years ago, prior to 2007, the Obama family was not so well known, not even in the highly publicized arena of media coverage.  However, with that being said, there is one exception to add.  It was forth-coming for the American public to meet an incredible man that would raise their eyebrows…with his “coming out” speech.  For those who didn’t know of Barack Obama, they certainly started to ask questions, to find out more about him…after his very impressive speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004.  President Obama’s speech was on behalf of Senator John Kerry, who was the Democratic nominee for President at that time.  Now, looking back in retrospect, of a time when most people wouldn’t have dared to even dream, of that same man becoming President of the United States.  To say the least, Senator Barack Obama (at that time) was giving us a worthwhile speech, an introduction of himself, and the sneak preview, of his broad vision and faith.  Now we know, that same ‘faith’ and ‘determination’ would become his debut, on the "road to the White House".  The Obama family is now celebrated, and very well-known throughout the world.  Even more, they have made an outstanding mark in the history of the United States of America.  Today, we behold the wondrous workings of Faith and Beliefas God is faithful to those who will believe …and the day has come.   Today, we behold a classic portrait, of the first African American President and First Lady, and their beautiful children…of the United States of America.

We can all look upon this portrait, and believe in victory, of rising above trials and struggles, of triumph over obstacles; of making (working) a way for success… and when we have remained faithful… to reach the destiny of our calling.  We can all look upon this portrait, and feel the kindred spirit of freedom and passion; for our living with one-another in ways that are prosperous, and in a manner that is pleasing to God.  We can look upon this portrait with sincerity and appreciation, of the perseverance of belief in Unity...unwavering faith…in ourselves, our families, and ‘a changing people’, as a whole.  The kind of changing that inspires hope and willingness to "come together". The kind of change that activates loving and caring, and helping we should be; which is pleasing to God.  When we humbly and faithfully strive, to make a healthier, happier and more peaceful environment for us all, it brings so much more joy, and blessings (in abundance) to our lives.  We can spend our days celebrating the Goodness of God!  Praise to God, for what he has made possible in our life-time.

Let's pray President Obama remains stead-fast, constant in seeking wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit, and that he has conviction to follow, as God leads.  Let us keep our eyes and ears know God's Way; to enrich our lives, to have peace, and good-will… towards a brighter future. “Yes We Can”.  I pray we KEEP THE FAITH, GIVING THANKS TO GOD in all things, AS WE ARE SO BLESSED.

Love to All,

Vannessa Garrett


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